Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween to Everyone! 

Sorry the blog hasn't been update for so long...once again "life" has gotten in the way.  However, I've had several requests to post pictures from this evening, so I've decided to force myself to spend a bit up time updating the blog background and creating a new post highlight our Halloween "outing."

We started off the evening around 5:30, visiting a few of our closest neighbors...none of whom were home.  So we proceed to move a few streets down "into" the neighborhood -- where we found lots of kids already making their way from home-to-home.

We probably hit a total of 75+ homes.  With the kids literally RUNNING from house-to-house.  I told my husband that the kids were "Speed-Treating."  I have never before seen the two of them move so fast on Halloween.  Maybe it was because the outside temperature seemed to be warmer than it has been the past several years (it was 52 degrees outside when we started) and they didn't have to jump in the van every 10 house to warm up -- or maybe it was just the thrill of the "candy chase!"

Either way "Little Man" and "Feisty Girl" had a blast tonight.  Their buckets were literally overflowing by the time we got home -- and they were filled with everything from books and toothbrushes to full-sized cans of pop and popcorn.  (Of course, there was the convential stuff too...crunch bars, fruit snacks, kit kats, pixie sticks, etc).

Here are some photos from our evening.  Sorry I don't have more.  I just couldn't get them to hold still long enough to snap more than a dozen photos over the course of the night!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did:

The Start of the "Race"

Finally Caught Up with the Neighbors -- Ed
and Tracy (who was at work)

A Lovely Ladybug!

A Super-Secret Spy!  (Complete with night vision goggles,
an evidence kit, secret "invisable ink pen"
and many other secrets!)

Back at home -- The "Trick-or-Treat" Meter
on "Little Man's" Bag read JACKPOT!

P.S.  In case you are curious (like "Little Man" was!) his candy haul came in at a total of 9.6 pounds.  And that doesn't include his sisters candy -- which probably weighed in at an additional 5+ pounds!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Heather thanks for the current photos and the older ones that I had not seen! I so enjoy seeing the kids grow and hearing about your "doings". Thanks, Judy